The REVIA™ Hand-Split Shake Difference

Shake-look shingles with a Class A fire rating and low maintenance.

Combining the elegant look of shake with REVIA performance, REVIA™ Hand-Split Shake shingles are even better than the real thing. They’re incredibly durable and cost far less than typical hand-split wood shakes. It’s the perfect combination of a natural shake look with the long-lasting performance and beauty of REVIA™ Synthetic Shingles.

F-Wave Designer Slate

The REVIA Designer Slate

The REVIA™ Designer Slate Difference

Slate-look shingles in two classic profiles, both designed for long-lasting performance and stand-out curb-appeal.

Combining timeless style and premium aesthetics with REVIA performance, REVIA™ Designer Slate shingles provide the premium look you want at a price your wallet will appreciate. Our durable and lightweight shingles don’t suffer from the same granule loss and weather damage that designer asphalt shingles do.